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English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale already breeds the healthiest, purest white labs — but now, we’ve expanded to include a close cousin of labradors and one of the country’s most popular dogs.

It’s time to meet America’s second-favorite dog: the golden retriever.

Descended from labrador retrievers from 1800s Newfoundland, golden retrievers are a unique breed that has captured America’s heart. Its subtype, the English cream golden retriever (also called the white golden retriever), is loyal, trainable, intelligent, and gentle, making them perfect for any family.

As part of the sporting family and gundog group, white golden retrievers were initially bred to find or retrieve wounded game (birds and rabbits) for their sport-hunting owners. jungle boys

Today, English cream golden retrievers are described as intelligent and confident and, like English labs, are less energetic than their American counterparts. Golden retrievers are famous for their easy-going disposition, gentle personality, and mellow moods.

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Amica retriever is unlike any other breeder you’ll ever work with: Our dogs are always our priority and we aim to provide all of our English lab and English cream golden retriever puppies with individual attention. Other breeders can’t guarantee this, but we at Amica golden can and do — because we value our dogs’ lives and happiness over anything else. shiba inu for sale uk  cyberquad for kids

The key to healthy and happy golden retriever puppies is parents that are treated the same. We select the most superior bloodlines and ensure an environment where our dogs can socialize and thrive for their whole lives. You can learn more about our puppy parents here, and you’ll see how easy it is to guarantee healthy puppies with the sweetest temperaments.

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We are proud of what we do, so we’ve expanded to include the amazing English cream golden retriever in our family. We always allow in-person visits and stay in contact with the adoptive family for several weeks after taking home their new puppy. We want to ensure that both puppy and family are comfortable and happy so that they’re on the road to a great life together.

When you choose Amica  Golden, you get the happiest and healthiest english golden retriever puppies. If you’re looking to add a loving English cream golden retriever to your family, then look no further: We are experienced, dedicated, trained, and ready to answer any questions you may have.